Released March 2001, this is Crystal Rose's second CD, Weaver's Tapestry. This is a 14 track CD, featuring strong vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums. 


Sound Clips from Weaver's Tapestry

We have sound clips in both MP3 and RealAudio formats. If you have a fast connection (or can be patient) download the MP3 versions, which are near-CD quality. The RealAudio files are shorter and on most computers should start playing after a few seconds delay. They require the G2 (or later) version of the RealPlayer (which can be downloaded for free at
Keep Racing Time (27 sec.)
    Stereo MP3  
The first song on the CD, Keep Racing Time, is a mid-tempo, pop-rock song with some harmony and harmonica.
Burgundy Velvet (34 sec.)
    Stereo MP3  
Brittany Faire/Burgundy Velvet, is a musical portrait, blending world and medieval influences.
A Better Way (34 sec.)
    Stereo MP3  
A Better Way features the compelling vocal harmonies of Crystal Rose.
Branwen's Dream (28 sec.)
    Stereo MP3  
Branwen's Dream is a flute instrumental with heavy, solid driving rhythms.
Choose Your Hunger (37 sec.)
    Stereo MP3  
Choose Your Hunger is a dark, introspective piano song with a powerful, emotionally driven electric guitar solo.

Look Inside is Crystal Rose's first CD release. It contains ten original songs, and is currently available through PAYPAL.  

Track 1-  River's Edge
Track 2-  Power of the Night
Track 3-  Tales of the Goddess
Track 4-  Bloudewedd            (MP3)  (LISTEN)
Track 5 - Maiden's Lament
Track 6-  Ode to the Queen
Track 7-  Look Inside
Track 8 - The Feather/Free the Eagle
Track 9-  Haunting Serenade
Track 10- Crystal Rose


Soon to be available on CD Baby and ITUNES!!! 


Look Inside Cover