"The Loom", released September 2013,  is the debut collaboration of Lori Schneider and Jhenah Telyndru, together known as Afalarian.  This pre-release single blends musical styles ranging from medieval chant, Renaissance instrumentals, modern Pagan Folk with a touch of Gothic influence .  A complete full-length CD is scheduled for release in mid to late 2013.  



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Evergreen Heart, released in 2007,  is a CD collection inspired by the raga system of ancient India.  This music of  tranquility and relaxation features the soothing sound of flute performed by Lori  Schneider and the hypnotic rhythms of Tabla performed by Kinnar Seen.  Tracks 1,3, and 4 were recorded live and consist of both traditional Indian compositions as well as instrumental improvization.   Track 2 contains a haunting backdrop of vocal and keyboards and Track 5 has a touch of shimmering guitar harmonics, bringing an ethereal  trance-like quality.   


Audio Clips from Evergreen Heart

Spirits of Dawn:  Raga Bhairav       MP3 Track  1

Bells of Shiva:  Raga Kervani           MP3

Track 2

Kali's Mirror:  Raga Asawari              MP3 

Track  3

Evergreen Heart: Raga Bhairavi      MP3      

Track 5

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"  The moving lyrics and ethereal music marry beautifully in telling this imaginative story."   Musical Discoveries

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A conceptual  rock opera blending medieval, world, and progressive rock influences. This CD, released in 2004, features Lori Schneider on vocals, piano and flute, Anthony Zammit on Electric Guitar, Joe Cesare on Bass, and Toro Gianchino on Drums and Percussion.

Below are some preview sound clips


Audio Clips from "Legend: A Knight's Opera"

Dark Knight   (43 sec.)   MP3      Track 7

Dark Lord  (53 sec.)    MP3    

Track 12

The Second Rite  (52 seconds)  MP3    

Track 13
Dark Knight (reprise) (50 seconds)  MP3     Track 14

Save Burgundy  (1:30)  MP3   

Track 21

Treseblu  (2:44)    MP3    

Track 22


   "There is nary a thorn on Crystal Rose's second fine disc."  Newsday (AAA)  

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Released in  2001, Weaver's Tapestry was Crystal Rose's second CD, This is a 14 track CD, featuring the strong vocal harmonies of Lori Schneider and Jody Wexler.  It contains many diverse influences ranging from pop, folk, country, and blues as well as compelling  medieval and renaissance themes which lie at the core of Crystal Rose's unique sound.  Something for everyone!!
Audio Clips from "Weaver's Tapestry"
Keep Racing Time (30 sec.)  MP3    The first song on the CD, Keep Racing Time, is a mid-tempo, pop-rock song with some harmony and harmonica.
Brittany Faire (35 sec.) MP3 An instrumental prelude to Burgundy Velvet  with a gypsy flavor.
Burgundy Velvet (1:07 min.) MP3    Burgundy Velvet, is a musical portrait, blending world and medieval influences.
The Great Awakening (51 sec)  MP3 A fun European-style folk song with hurdy gurdy.  
A Better Way (58 sec.)  MP3   A Better Way features the beautiful  vocal harmonies of Crystal Rose.
Branwen's Dream (50 sec.) MP3    Branwen's Dream is a flute instrumental with heavy, solid driving rhythms.
Choose Your Hunger (58 sec.)  MP3    Choose Your Hunger is a dark, introspective piano song with a powerful, emotionally driven electric guitar








Released in  1998,  "Look Inside" is Crystal Rose's debut CD. Contains 9 songs which include a 3 song trilogy of "Tales of the Goddess".   Features beautiful vocal harmonies, 6 and 12-string guitars and harmonica.   





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".....you will be stuck on Crystal Rose" 
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