Album History

Once upon a time   in a land long forgotten lived a prince named Treseblu, destined to rule within the courtship of Burgundy.   His birth brought light, his vision brought hope, yet the forces of evil commanded the Dark Knight to bear down upon him.   The journey begins when Treseblu is initiated into knighthood and the challenges of the dark lord  test  his honor and his ability to stay true to the quest.

Oh Dark Lord,
in your conquest your tyranny will be obliterated
where your fear has gone there is nothing
yet it has served well,
for behold through your destruction
you have unknowingly proclaimed Treseblu
a legend.............."

Album Credits

"He'll be a legend, a timeless name
Born to fire,  he's the flame,
the stars will always bear his name

The story behind the creation..........................

"This entire opera began with a dream I had.  It took place in what I believe was the early 1400's.  The dream centered around a French warrior named Treseblu- He was a noble prince and was sought out by Cordahan, who was ruler of Spain.  Historically, I am not sure if Gaul and Spain were at odds during this time but war between these two rulers was imminent and this conflict eventually took Treseblu's life.  In my dream I was crying outside of a tower leaning over Treseblu , who I'm not sure was my son or lover, but nevertheless was grief-stricken over this loss.  

When I awoke, everything seemed so clear. Not only experiencing the pain of loss but hearing the children of the court crying in fear,  feeling the dirt under my knees as I leaned over Treseblu, the  sensation of the heat and the putrid smell of death that  brought many flies swarming all around --and there were so many--not the glamour of the medieval days at all.  I remember crying outside the tower which once was my home but now was my prison - a beautiful castle from the outside but inside was damp, cold and dark.  

I could go on but you get the idea.  Following this dream,  I wanted to recapture as many of these memories and feelings as possible- for in the dream although there was only one small frame of life revealed, my being remembered all the events of that life,  and this opera attempts to relive as much of these memories as possible.

Whether this was an actual enactment of a past life or was symbolic of my constant personal struggle against corruption, my inspiration was nevertheless driven by this experience. It has also set my feet once again upon the path in search of  Treseblu".            
                                                                    Lori Schneider




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