Lori Schneider began as a vocalist singing standards with big bands in many prestigious NYC clubs.  She has also performed in an  array of rock, jazz and blues bands.  In the early 1990's she was the  founding member of Crystal Rose, a popular rock/pop/folk female duo.  This was where she began to seriously develop her talents as a songwriter, as well as utilizing her instrumental versatility on guitar, flute and piano.  To support the release of two albums "Look Inside" and "Weaver's Tapestry", she performed in many  theatres and festivals within the northeast area and had the honor to sing the national anthem at Shea Stadium (Citi Field) for 5 consecutive years. In early 2001 she began further developing an ongoing solo project, resulting in the 2004 CD  release Legend "A Knight's Opera" a medieval rock opera, containing an eclectic range of influences from classical, progressive rock, folk and world music.   

Following this solo project, Lori began to explore her long term interest in Indian  music, Kirtan, and the study of Nada Yoga.  She studied voice and harmonium with Bhajan singer, Kumar Raj Gandharav,  and began a deeper exploration of  the indian raga system under the  guidance of  Kinnar Seen,  prompting the release of  the CD "Evergreen Heart" in 2007.  She also had the good fortune to study the bansuri flute under the  musical guidance of bansuri flute virtuoso, Steve Gorn, and concurrently entered into an in-depth study of sound yoga with Russill Paul.   In addition, she continues her lifelong study within the world of western classical music and continues to compose and record her latest musings.  For more information on Lori's current musical projects visit

       Between her musical endeavors Lori has obtained college degrees in both Business and Psychology and graduated with honors as Valedictorian, yet has chosen to devote her life to exploring the many facets of music.   In addition to composing, recording and performance, she is strongly committed to her private teaching practice.  



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